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Know Your Cycle, Know Yourself

This week long Mini-Course will teach you all about your cycle, how to track it, and how to start listening to your intuition. Just knowing more about your body can build your confidence to listen to your intuition. We will take you though female anatomy, the phases of your cycle, the changes your body goes through and the changes your mind and emotions go through! We will also touch on birth control and things that can disrupt your cycle. If you are 13 or 30, this course is for you. Ladies, we hold and grow life in our bodies, let's learn to honor it well! 

Review of "Know Your Cycle, Know Yourself"

I just began my cycle again after a lengthy time of pregnancy and breastfeeding and this mini course came at the perfect time for me. Ashley is so warm and candid and I was able to take her wisdom and turn it into curiosity about what my body is doing (and why) rather than just lamenting the return of my period! Focusing on the message my body is giving me and trusting my intuition feels empowering and woke up a part of me that I didn't even realize had been dormant. Going back to the lessons during specific parts of my cycle has been super helpful in normalizing what can sometimes feel like an unpredictable roller coaster. I feel like I have a handbook for making sense of it now and for knowing how to listen to and trust my body and what it needs. Thanks for this amazing resource, Ashley!